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Stikfas Cowboy

Stikfas Cowboy


Stikfas Action Figure Kit (AFK) is a super-articulated 3-inch figure you assemble and configure in numerous ways. With its unique design and solid parts, the Stikfas AFK is both playable and customizable. Armed with interchangeability and poseability, the Stikfas AFK aims to lead the way in a whole new toy revolution... so gear up now and it will change the way you play forever! Stikfas are sold in a sturdy white cardboard box. Inside the box is a Stikfas logo ziplock bag containing the Action Figure Kit, several promotional and instructional post cards, and a sheet of stickers.


Each Stikfas set comes with all jointed pieces on a plastic mold that easily twist off for assembly. Each Stikfas Baseball Player set comes with a unique set of stickers and accessories, and instructions for assembly. You won't find these pieces or stickers in other sets as they are getting more and more unique! The Stikfas Baseball Player AFK comes in boxed packaging. HIGHLY recommmended. TONS of fan sites dedicated to customizing these guys so get one and have fun!

Stikfas Cowboy
Stikfas Cowboy

Cowboy Stikfas - Available now at myplasticheart.com


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