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Stikfas Dune Buggy

G2 Alpha Male with Dune Buggy    
Stikfas Dune Buggy


Stikfas Actino FIgure Kits start to branch out with this new cool DUNE BUGGY! Get a whole crew on this buggy Mad Max style. :)

- 18 Super-poseable points of ball-joint articulation
- 110 Interchangeable parts and accessories

- 1 x un-assembled G2 Alpha Male body
- 1 x un-assembled Green and Grey Dune Buggy kit and accessories
- Ziplock bag
- STIKer sheet
- Instruction and product sheet

Stikfas Dune Buggy
Stikfas Dune Buggy

Stikfas Dune Buggy - Available now at myplasticheart.com Antlor - The Deer Departed


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